Perspective Topics & Projects

The 1994 videos did not have assignments, but here is my proposed list for workshops.

They don’t match up one-for-one with the 1994 lectures, but they give you structure with exercises, challenges and projects designed to help you gain skill. 

Most of the supplements are slides from the webinar which I use to explain the projects and exercises.

Session Topics & Projects Supplements
1 Exercises & Projects.
Build a Cube.
Collect Interests.
Plan a Project.
2 CubeFest
Objects & Orthos.
Ideate Your Perfect Room.
Master The Axes.
Box Your Objects.
Plan Your Studio.
4 Proportion.
Plan Projection.
Box FormPlay.
Form Memory.
5 CircleFest.
New Positions from Imagination.
Cylinder FormPlay.
6 Study Spheres.
Measure Space.
Estimate & Compare.
7 Grid Spheres.
Finish Your Room & Objects.
8 Celebration of Projects.
Next Skills.