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Bridgman 1.0: The Videos
Bridgman 1.0: The Videos
Recordings from Marshall's Bridgman Bootcamp sessions, boiled down to the best with supplementary material added. 12 videos totaling over 18 hours of teaching, assignment suggestions, and feedback on the work of some of the students who attended.
Price: $32.00
Drawing Lessons from Heinrich Kley
This series contains 12 videos (totaling approximately 8 hours) in 4 downloadable zip files.
Price: $32.00
Design Your Career with a Whiteboard
In August of 2014, I presented a two hour seminar at Fullerton College showing how this approach has helped me and how it could help anyone seeking a career in the arts. We recorded the seminar and then my editor and I refined the video to a boiled-down-to-the-best-of-it presentation.
Price: $8.00
1994 Perspective Drawing Series
I gave these Perspective lectures at Fullerton College in 1994. A friend videotaped them. This is a flawed production but there's a train of thought that will guide you through how the principles work in a way that almost makes Perspective easy. There are 12 videos in this series averaging about 30 minutes each.
Price: $12.00