Drawing Forum and Q&A: Lessons in Perspective (recorded webinar)

If you learned Perspective from my 1994 lectures, you know that it didn’t include assignments. This recorded webinar should help make up for it. It’s 21 years late, but it’s free.

I presented it as a precursor to an intense and homework-heavy webinar I offered in 2015. It includes a smattering of examples along with my comments and critiques on a few submissions which you may find helpful.

It’s all free to stream. (Click here to watch higher res on YouTube.)

Now — about money. I love teaching and hope to make a living at it by teaching for you online. If enough of you are willing to donate, you can help make this happen by purchasing the video through my Gumroad page.

Marshall on Gumroad

If you donate, you’ll get access to an ad-free, downloadable MP4 of the session as my thank you.