Perspective Workshop

with Marshall Vandruff

MEETS: Tuesdays & Fridays — 8 sessions
DATES: January 5–29, 2021
Noon–1:30PM, (Los Angeles time*)
PLACE: Online

Eavesdroppers — $60  REGISTER HERE
Participants — $200 (Audition Required)

Most of you paid $12 for my 1994 Perspective Course. Many of you liked it and told me so. Thanks.

Sorry it had no assignments. But in the recorded 2015 Perspective Webinar Forum I introduce projects to get you in shape with your freehand perspective skills.

Now, once again, on Tuesdays and Fridays in January 2021, I will offer eight sessions of feedback to students who want it enough to pay $200. You can work on these projects and homework assignments for free, on your own, but this is where you get feedback from me throughout January for $200.

If that’s too much, you can pay $60, eavesdrop on feedback, and do the projects without a hard deadline. You get the structure, you get to work outside of the spotlight and watch Participant feedback to apply to your own work.

You decide. But if you want to participate, go to the audition page to get started.

January is the month to apply your knowledge and develop your skills. This workshop won’t teach you perspective – that’s in the videos. If you haven’t seen them, buy them and watch them before we begin. Then we will use what you learn to build skills, apply them to projects, and make them your own.

Online meetings are from 12–1:30 pm Los Angeles time. Here’s the agenda:

Tuesday Jan 5: Meet and Greet

Friday Jan 8: Simplicity: Basic Forms Solve All Problems

Tuesday Jan 12: The Old Way: Drawing with Instruments. (Refer to Video 12)

Friday Jan 15: Freehand Perspective: Grids as Friends. (Refer to Videos 1-4)

Tuesday Jan 19: Sketch Anything: From Plans to Structures. (Refer to Videos 5-9)

Friday Jan 22: Solving Complex Forms: Back to Simplicity

Tuesday Jan 26: Final Feedback on Projects & Progress

Friday Jan 29: Final Presentations