Bridgman Figure-Drawing BootCamp

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Thursdays through Saturdays
July 9–August 1, 2020
Noon–2pm (Los Angeles time)

This is a bootcamp. You will survive it more easily than military bootcamp, but it requires serious work on between-class projects during solitary confinement in July heat.

The Participant Tier includes my feedback on your work during sessions and meetings. During crits, you will witness me transition from hard-nosed drill sergeant to nurturing medic.

The Observer Tier saves you money and includes all 24 hours of instruction. It doesn’t include crits, but as your drill sergeant from a safe distance I will encourage you to team up with your friends, invest your energy together in projects, and if necessary, kick each other’s butts.

The Sessions

Day 1 Thursday,
July 9
  • Intro to “How to Draw the Figure”
  • Overview of the Course
Day 2 Friday,
July 10
  • Proportions of the Figure
  • Three Shapes
  • Straight Line Security
Day 3 Saturday,
July 11
  • Thickening the Figure
  • Three Forms and Variations
Day 4 Thursday,
July 16
  • Poses
  • Balance & Rhythm
  • The Varied Skills
Day 5 Friday,
July 17
  • Twisting Torsos
  • 3D Rhythms
  • Metaphors from Nature
Day 6 Saturday,
July 18
  • Wedging, Passing & Locking
  • Assembling the Figure
  • Memory Drawings
Day 7 Thursday,
July 23
  • Light & Shade
  • Distribution of the Masses
  • Neck & Head Structure
Day 8 Friday,
July 24
  • Bones as Forms
  • Skeletal Foundation
Day 9 Saturday,
July 25
  • Body as Machine
  • Bones & Muscles
Day 10 Thursday,
July 30
  • Hip Joint
  • Leg Muscles & Forms
Day 11 Friday,
July 31
  • Shoulder Mechanics
  • Arm Muscles and Forms
Day 12 Saturday,
August 1
  • Hands and Feet
  • Bridgman in Context

What’s Included

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: If you missed out on the Participant Tier, I’m offering add-on feedback sessions through the remainder of 202o. This is for registered Observers only and space is very limited. More info here.

Buy This BookIf you don’t have a Bridgman collection already, The Complete Guide is the simplest and least expensive resource. That’s why we’re using it for this bootcamp.

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