Composition Bootcamp Gathering

On Saturday, May 29, I’m hosting a Pre-Gathering for the Summer Composition Bootcamp. It runs from noon to 1:30PM (Los Angeles time — please check your time zone before registering!)

I will answer questions about studying composition, and if you do invest your summer in our Bootcamp, this will get your attention on composing for the next three months.

  • Space is limited so you need to register here.*
  • You’ll need a Zoom account before you can register (click here to get a free account).
  • Sorry, no replays. If you can’t attend live, please don’t register.

Some of you are taking this Bootcamp for the second time and I’m glad! But remember: aside from my responses to your work and your questions, The Bootcamp will be a rerun. So ask good questions. We’ll get to the work in June…

See you May 29!

*If you register and later find you can’t attend, please cancel your registration to release your spot to someone else. Questions? Contact webinar support here.
**Details and Observer registration for the Summer Composition BootCamp is here.