Composition Bootcamp, Summer 2021

with Marshall Vandruff

I will host another 12-session Composition Bootcamp this Summer. This one will be Saturdays beginning June 5th from noon–2:00 PM Los Angeles time.

This is not my Composition Seminar where I lecture. This is to guide you through three months of serious exercises and projects to bring out your composing skills.

I will assign you weekly work for specific challenges and projects, including:

  • Choose Your Art Parents
  • Abstracting Elements
  • Limiting Values
  • Separating Analysis & Instinct
  • Touchstones & Reveries
  • Emotion & Metaphor
  • Motifs
  • Comparisons & Contrasts
  • Balance and Extremes
  • Dominance
  • Guide the Eye
  • Image as Music
  • Change & Counterchange

You can register for either of two levels:

Participant Tier ($360). Includes Marshall’s feedback on your work. Registration for this tier is by invitation only and requires an audition. Registration opens in May.

Eavesdropper Tier ($120). This allows you to attend the sessions, follow along with the projects, and learn while watching feedback on the work of students in the Participant Tier.

Registration for the Eavesdropper Tier is now open…

Click to Register!

This bootcamp is to help you master the major elements and principles of pictorial composition. Each week, I will do all I can to make every topic practical, help you learn from the art you love, develop your talent for composing, and create your best images!