Audition Assignments: Form Analyses

This is for the intensive Online Perspective Workshop in August.  If you’re interested in attending this webinar, an assignment audition is required prior to registration.

What I’m Looking for…
I’m not looking for students who have mastered these skills. I am looking for students who want to master these skills. Show me that you are willing to invest time and energy into working on form analysis.

Upload your audition assignments here.

Deadline for uploading ROUND 2 of audition assignments is Tuesday, July 28, at midnight (PST).

Three Form Analysis Assignments

Do one or any combination of these three assignments to show that you are ready for this workshop. If you like, include an example of your own work unrelated to these assignments to show me what a good investment you are. These assignments are also explained in the recording of the July 18 Drawing Forum and Q&A that is now available.

Form Analysis #1: Box it Up

Choose an object you like. Not something as simple as a Kleenex box, but not something as complicated as a dancing figure. A head, a shoe, a chair, a hammer, a piano, a toy, or anything you want to look at for an hour or two and understand its basic structure.

Draw it in 3/4 view as the simplest form you can.

Here’s a hint for how pros do this: they define the three line systems of the object as if it were a box. It may help to approach it as if you are trying to draw the most efficient, no-wasted-space package in which you could ship this object. Like these (click to enlarge).

FA1_001 FA1_002 FA1_003 FA1_004 FA1_005 FA1_006 FA1_007 FA1_008 FA1_009

If you are at a loss for what to draw, try a stack of several books shifted about in different positions. Books are easy to simplify, but the fact that they are not lined up will keep you busy.

Form Analysis #2: Draft and Oblique Views

Choose another object you like. Do three draft-view analyses like a 3D program does with X, Y & Z views, then “eyeball” a 3/4 view. Like these (click to enlarge).

FA2_000 FA2_001 FA2_002 FA2_003 FA2_004 FA2_005 FA2_006 FA2_007

Take your time. Give it some thought. You can’t make the proportions perfect this way, but you can make them close. Estimate by comparing back and forth from 3/4 to draft views, adjusting with light lines until you are sure of them.

Form Analysis #3: New Position from Imagination

Remember that object you drew in the first assignment? Get it out of your sight so you can’t cheat on this one. Look only at your form analysis of it.

Now, try redrawing it in an entirely new position from imagination, keeping it as simple as your original interpretation. The big secret is in repositioning the basic box and its three line systems before adding smaller parts.

Give it some thought before you pour into it. Choose a position that will show us a new angle.  Lightly sketch a few options before you choose the best one to develop or refine.

Upload your audition assignments here.


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