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This page provides additional info and periodic updates so please check back — especially before signing into any session.

UPDATED June 2: To make it easier to locate new information, new and modified entries will be prefaced with an “update” box. Modified passages will be highlighted in red.


IMPORTANT: All times given are Los Angeles time (UTC −08). Convert! There’s also a countdown timer near the top of the Bootcamp page.

Do not lose your access code(s)!!!

Sign in early. We begin on time.

If you are not already familiar with Zoom webinars, please read Joining and participating in a webinar (attendee) at Zoom.

To ensure you receive webinar-related information, please whitelist  — especially if you are using webmail services such as gmail or hotmail.

If you do not receive all your access code(s) by July 6, please contact support  and be sure to include the following information:

  • The name and email you registered
  • Your tier (Observer or Participant)
  • The access codes you need (webinar, bonus meetings…)

Do not wait until the day of the webinar to request access. You may miss the session!


Your access code arrives shortly after completing registration.

Your sessions begin at noon on July 9 (Los Angeles time) and recur at the same time every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until August 1.

UPDATED July 20:

Test Session — We will offer a test session for Observers on July 8 at 1 PM (LA time) where you can test your Zoom settings and connection.

  • Before joining, read this article!!! 
  • We may end early so don’t be late!
  • If you already use Zoom, don’t bother attending.
  • Participants: Your test session is during the meet and greet.


UPDATED July 20: You will receive three different access codes in separate emails, as described below. Be sure to use the correct access code for each session!

  1. Main Webinar Sessions: This access code arrives during the first week of July. Sessions begin at noon on July 9 (Los Angeles time) and recur at the same time every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until August 1.
  2. Bonus Meetings: This access code arrives shortly after completing registration. All of these meetings begin at 3 pm (Los Angeles time), an hour after the main webinar sessions end.
  3. Meet & Greet: This access code arrives during the first week of July. The meeting begins at noon, July 8 (Los Angeles time). This is a one-time meeting so you may discard this access code after the meeting ends. This is also the time to test your webinar access.

If you have any other questions, please contact support.


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