Add-On Sessions

Because the Participant Tier sold out so quickly (before I could even promote it to my entire list!), I’m going to offer a condensed version of the bonus sessions (feedback) in August. Registration is not yet open.

These sessions are for registered Observers only and space is very limited. If you register for this webinar, it doesn’t guarantee you a space for August, but we hope to offer more feedback sessions in the coming months.

Here is what we know now:

Four Friday Sessions: Aug 7, 14, 21, 28 (exact times to be announced) and space is very limited. The price for all 4 sessions is $140. There are fewer sessions but it works out to the same hourly rate as the Participant Tier.

These are feedback sessions based on what we have already studied in the bootcamp, so do the projects before coming to the sessions.

Work for Session One: Gestures & Rhythm

Project: 100-300 complete bodies, reduced to the simplest shapes, patterns, and rhythms you can muster, with particular emphasis on the head, thorax, and pelvis as separate components.

Present one slide of your twenty best.

Work for Session Two: Thickening Forms

Project: Of your twenty best gestures, begin adding cross-contours. If you’re advanced, try “wedging” one form into another.

Present one slide of your three–six best.

Work for Session Three: Wedging & Intersecting Forms

Project: Choose difficult parts of the figure (shoulders, hips, ankles, arms) and reduce them to their three-dimension intersections.

Present one slide of two or three attempts

Work for Session Four: Lighting & Shading the Figure

Project: Draw twenty new figures. Choose a light source and attempt to shade all planes facing away from the source.

Present a few of your best attempts, and anything else you can fit on that slide that you’d like to discuss for your continued training.


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