Bootcamp Webinar FAQs

If I can’t make it to the live webinar, can I watch them later?
We’re working on that. We plan to allow streaming during the week following each presentation. But be aware that technical issues can happen with recordings so we can’t guarantee they will all be available. Joining in person is the ideal.
I don’t know anatomy very well — is this course too advanced for me?
I usually recommend not to study Bridgman without knowing anatomy, but the point of this course is to make it easy to learn Bridgman and a bit of anatomy at the same time.
So here’s my commitment: If an eleven-year old who doesn’t know anything about drawing takes this course, they will learn a lot. And I hope pros and fellow teachers of Bridgman will also learn, even if not a lot.
How can I get prepared?
You could study the names of the bones and major muscle groups as prep for this course. I’ll give that assignment halfway through the course anyway. One weekend’s homework is to learn every bone as a name, shape, and (if you can) a form, so you may want to get a head start on that.
Otherwise, go through the Bridgman book and pick out your favorite drawings! You’ll spend a month extracting lessons from them.
Also, collect other images of human figures such as photos of models or athletes in action to use for analytical studies as we go.
If you are brand new to Zoom Webinars, you should also read this page: Joining and participating in a webinar (attendee).
Is there a textbook?
There is! Unless you have a good collection of Bridgman’s smaller books, I recommend  that you buy The Complete Guide. I will refer to specific pages for homework. Go here to read my thoughts about learning from Bridgman.
And I recommend a clear-if-not-exciting “pure anatomy” book like David Rubins to learn the names of the bones and muscles.
What tools do I need?
Other than the book, nothing special. Whatever is comfortable for you. In class, I will address how different media affect drawing, but to begin, common pencils on bond paper will do.
If you don’t already have one, you will also need a Zoom account (free plan is sufficient).
I just registered for a free Zoom account. It says I‘m limited to 40 minutes for meetings. Does that mean I’ll get kicked out before the two hour webinar session is finished?
The 40 minute limit only applies to meetings that you host. This is a webinar that Marshall hosts so the limit doesn’t apply here.
If you are brand new to Zoom Webinars, you should also read this page: Joining and participating in a webinar (attendee).
How can I get more information about the feedback add-on sessions for August?
As more information becomes available, we will post it here, and final details will be announced during the webinar.
Are there technical requirements, like bandwidth or operating system?
There are and you can find all of that information and more on this page at Zoom.

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