Entering the Arts as a Profession

Advice for Beginners
(April or June, 2022)

LogoEntering the arts as a profession is among the most challenging career pursuits. Few parents rejoice when their teenagers announce they want to make their livings in song, story, picture, or entertainment. Parents know that the landscape is littered with failed attempts, and they can point to the “relatives who tried” in hopeful warning to avoid the disillusion. It’s an even bigger risk when the investment includes life-long art-school debt.

I’ve spent my adult life pursuing a career in the arts, watched thousands of students pursue theirs, and seen a few hundred succeed in their careers. In this session, I hope to offer you the best advice I can for how to go about it. The topics include:

  • Professional or Amateur: Know Your Options
  • Exploding Myths About Careers
  • Seeking Counsel from Pros
  • Know Your Field and Your History
  • Books, Resources, Recommendations…

This is a live event in Zoom. There will be some Q&A, but not much… I have a lot to say that I think will answer the most important questions.

If you know anyone who wants or needs this, please help me spread the word.

  • When: Friday, April 22, 7:00–8:30 PM Pacific Time (registration is closed)
    Friday, June 3, noon–1:30 PM Pacific Time (registration opens mid-May)
  • Price: $10 for either session
  • Questions: Contact Vera here.

Each of these is a live single-session presentation which revisits my January 2022 presentation.

Be sure to check the start time in your time zone so you don’t miss the session. There are no replays available.

The April session is over. Registration for the June session opens soon. Please check back.