Visual Storytelling Structure & form at Fullerton College, Fall 2018

If you are in Southern California and want to master storytelling, I will teach Structure & Form for Visual Storytellers this fall at Fullerton College on Saturdays 11:30 – 6:30. It’s community college cheap, and you will learn a ton from masters about how they create stories…

We will watch, analyze, discuss, and work on our own stories, creating key events and images, and (if you choose), producing story reels or animatics. If you have a visual story project you’re working on, this will take you through the timeless basics of story creation, and we will watch no fewer than twelve great live-action and animated movies to inspire us toward our own best work.

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Class info: ART 218 F Visual Storytelling: Structure & Form, CRN#14219

Here’s the syllabus: FC218_Structure&Form_2018WithMarshallVandruff


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