Homework Presentation Template for Marshall’s Class: 1920×1080

Clicking this link will lead you to a white jpg image with grey type on it.

Download this file. It’s a 1920×1080 jpg that you can use as a template for all your homework uploads.

Make copies of it, or make it a new template with your info in it. When you upload, change the name for each new file. Always use a unique name for each file. If you reuse a name, you will overwrite a previous file you uploaded.

If you need to change the jpg compression to keep the file under a megabyte, feel free, but whatever you do, don’t change the pixel dimensions.

Think of it as a dish. You will use it over and over to put many meals on, but there is no need to change its size.

This is your template file for uploading your homework slides in Marshall’s class.