Activation Link Support

If you purchased a video or signed up for a free membership, an activation link is sent immediately to the same address your PayPal receipt goes to.  If you did not receive the link, you or your ISP most likely has a spam blocker that is blocking emails from our shop. It’s  orders from hotmail and gmail addresses where this happens the most.

Before contacting us, please check all your spam folders or do a search in your mail program for messages with a subject containing Here is your activation link.

If you cannot find it,  complete the form below and we will resend an activation link (usually within 24 hours) to complete your registration.

TIP:  Once you have an active membership, you can purchase videos and have instant access (no activation links required)

This won’t work:  Placing your order without being logged into an active membership and then signing up for a free membership.

Why won’t that work?  It initiates a free membership independent of your order.  Our shop system has no way of associating this membership with your order unless you are logged into it before placing your order.

If you are not logged prior to placing an order, there are only two ways to get access to your downloads:

  1. Click the activation link that was initiated by your order and you will have access as soon as you complete your form.  (If you find two emails with activation links, use the earlier one.)  This is by far the quickest way to get access to your downloads.
  2. If you cannot find your activation link, use the form below and be sure to also let us know in the Other Remarks field if you activated a separate membership (provide the username).  We will address the situation as soon as possible — usually within 24 hours.

Be sure your email is valid or we won’t be able to reach you!

Not to be a nag, but if it is in your junk mail, you're just one click away from activation (okay, maybe two) and you won't even have to send this form!