Activation Link Support

If you placed your order before July 5, 2015, your access may not have been migrated into our new system. This page will not apply to you; please see Migration Support instead (unless otherwise instructed).

If you purchased a video or signed up for a free membership after July 5, 2015, an activation link was immediately sent to the same address your PayPal receipt went to.  If you did not receive the link, you or your ISP may have a spam blocker that is preventing our shop emails from getting through. Other possibilities are that an incorrect email address was submitted or your mailbox is above quota.

If you did not receive your PayPal receipt, see PayPal Receipt Support for more info.

Before contacting us, please…

  1. Check all your spam folders and do a search in your mail program for messages with a subject containing Here is your activation link.
  2. Verify that your email address is valid and working properly.
  3. Wait an hour or two and repeat step #1 — just in case email is temporarily delayed.

If you cannot find your link, complete the form below. If you believe you submitted an incorrect email or that email is no longer functional, be sure to also provide an alternate email in the specified field.

This won’t work:  Placing an order without being logged into an already activated membership and then signing up and activating a free membership to gain access to that order.

Why won’t that work?  It creates a free membership independent of any order.  If you already have an activated membership but do not log into it prior to ordering, our system has no way to recognize you. It will assume you are a new customer and will initiate a new membership for you to activate. When you activate from that link, you will have immediate access to your downloads.

TIP: Once you have an active membership, you can purchase other videos and have instant access with no further activation as long as you log into that membership prior to ordering. This way you will also have access to all your products using the same login.

Activation Link Request

  • We generally respond within 24 hours, Monday-Friday excluding U.S. holidays.
  • Be sure your email is valid or we won’t be able to reach you!
  • Missing or incorrect information can cause delay.
  • If you purchased the 1994 Perspective Series before July 5, 2015, and need access again, please request Migration Support instead (see first paragraph).

Not to be a nag, but if it is in your junk mail, you're just one click away from activation (okay, maybe two) and you won't even have to wait for our reply!