Storytelling Lessons from The Simpsons (May 2017)

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
5:00–9:00 PM

The Art Institute of California –
Orange County
3601 W Sunflower Ave.
Santa Ana, CA 92704

If you want to learn how to craft a story, Marshall Vandruff will present four hours of storytelling lessons from screenings of classic SIMPSONS episodes, including BART THE DAREDEVIL, KRUSTY GETS BUSTED, and BART GETS AN F. These 23-minute masterpieces showcase tightly crafted story setups, payoffs, reversals, character development, and justified climactic endings that still entertain decades after their debut. You will learn practical lessons to help you craft stories for any medium, style, or genre. This concentrated workshop will help you understand the basic elements of story and bring your characters to life to satisfy an audience.

Bring note-taking materials and a ready mind.

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